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About Blake

Blake Hoogeveen is a co-founder of BetterCulture, a product and technology company intently focused on making the world a better place to work. His background includes rich lessons learned from a diverse career working in a Fortune 500 company, a mid-size company, and a start-up.

Blake is also an experienced angel investor, has a decade of experience in fundraising, is a seasoned sales professional, skilled networker, and a phenomenal people connector. He didn’t take the traditional path to public speaking – he holds degrees in actuarial science and finance from Drake University, and he started his professional career as an actuary at a Fortune 500 Company.

He helped launch a young professionals group inside that company, and helped Omaha build a young professionals ecosystem of over 100 companies, which has helped make Omaha a better place to live, work, and play for the coveted young professional talent base.

Enthusiasm for networking led to an opportunity for Blake to lead the fundraising efforts of one of Omaha’s more respected nonprofits. Blake helped raise millions for the organization while learning life lessons from incredibly accomplished and generous donors.

Blake is passionate about personal and professional growth, and he speaks on a variety of topics including leadership, culture, mentoring, networking, sales, and negotiation tactics. Overall, Blake is an accomplished presenter who can relate to all types of audiences, from CEOs to front-line employees. If you want practical expertise and advice, Blake is the perfect speaker for you!

Sample Speaking Engagements & Topics

YP Summit

Negotiation Tactics for Work and Life Success


A New Way to Build Inclusion

Prairie Family Business Conference

Big Mistakes Leaders Make

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