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Company culture resources and training material.
Employee Appreciation Playbook

Employee Appreciation Playbook

Discover why appreciation matters, learn essential strategies, and explore creative ideas to recognize and appreciate your team. Download now to start building a culture of appreciation that inspires and motivates your employees.

Team-Building Toolkit

Team-Building Toolkit

Sick of lackluster team-building activities? Time to ditch the dull and bring in the extraordinary. Our BetterCulture Team-Building Toolkit is packed with activities that will transform your team's vibe from ho-hum to high-five!

20 Tenets one pager

20 Tenets Listing

Download a full listing of BetterCulture's 20 Tenets. These Tenets represent the twenty key attitudes and behaviors your employees need to embrace to contribute to a strong workplace culture.

22 Characteristics

22 Characteristics of Amazing Supervisors

Are your employees working under great supervisors? What are the signs of a potential amazing supervisor? Download our list of the 22 Characteristics of Amazing Supervisors to up your supervision game!

Team Exercise: Proud of What?

Employee pride is at the heart of company culture. But what admirable or unique qualities of your organization should your employees be the most proud of? Download our list of 33 qualities to get the conversation started!

14 Factors of Cultural Health

Does your company have a healthy work culture? Put it to the test against the the 14 factors we measure in our BetterCulture Survey.

Big Mistakes Leaders Make

We’ve identified 12 mistakes leaders make that consistently inhibit them from building the work culture and business they want. Download our self-assessment today and see where you stack up!

The Seven Principles of Leadership

BetterCulture’s Seven Principles of Leadership© are a great mental model for what it means to lead. See more clearly. Lead with greater impact.

Sharing Survey Results

The best organizations share employee engagement survey results in a way that allows them to build on strengths and address opportunities for growth, without doing harm to their culture. Download our 2-page resource for tips of the trade!

Culture Code/Core Values Discussion

Are you implementing your culture code / core values correctly? Download our worksheet, get your top leaders together, and discuss what needs to be done to ensure your culture works for your company.