Align Your Team. Strengthen Your Culture. 

In-Person Executive Team Retreats

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Executive alignment is a critical first step toward the success of any strategic initiative, and improving your workplace culture is no exception.

BetterCulture’s facilitators are, themselves, proven executives highly-skilled at helping drive powerful conversations that will have a lasting impact on your business.

Our facilitated executive retreats are deigned to tackle topics like:

  • Why does culture matter for our company?
  • Where is our culture today?
  • Where do we want it to be in the future?
  • What can each executive personally do – and what could we be doing as a team – to move our culture forward?

On-Demand Executive Retreats

Strengthen your executive team's function through BetterCulture's low-cost, high-impact workshop model.

Your executive team can now access the expertise and skilled facilitation of BetterCulture co-founder Dr. Kim Hoogeveen at a fraction of the cost using our On-Demand Executive Retreat program. 

This program follows a “Workshop” format. Simply identify a skilled and respected facilitator on your team, and we’ll provide them with videos and discussion guides that will help your team: 

  • Identify its strengths and areas of growth
  • Strengthen bonds and relationships between individual team members
  • Establish team goals and build shared accountability for how they will be achieved

Meet Our Senior Facilitators

Executive-level retreats require facilitation from proven executive leaders

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen

Kim Hoogeveen, PhD is a true “guru” in the realm of executive-level leadership and executive team function.

You can make a good case that he has nearly seen and done it all in his illustrious professional career. Kim is a 24-year CEO, PhD psychologist, labor mediator and arbitrator, global speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, and founder of a 5-time #1 Best Place to Work.

Kim doesn’t sugar coat what executive teams need to hear. His candid, no-nonsense style is refreshing and gets proven results.

Kim can custom-design a plan for your next retreat that 

Brett Hoogeveen

Brett Hoogeveen is a dynamic executive-level speaker and facilitator with a unique background. He’s a former engineer, an experienced healthcare executive, a coach, consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, and startup investor.

Brett brings a collaborative, relatable, and engaging style that helps executive teams align, envision, and achieve a better team and company culture.

Brett believes strongly in the mission of BetterCulture: making the world a better place to work. A top priority for him is helping organizations and leaders attract, build, motivate, and retain great employees – showing that better culture = better business! Brett is eager to share how to build better leaders and give you actionable ideas to better your culture.

brett hoogeveen

Blake Hoogeveen

Blake Hoogeveen, BetterCulture co-founder, is an experienced angel investor, former actuary, and has a decade of experience working in fundraising for nonprofits to raise millions for capital projects. He’s a seasoned sales professional, skilled networker, and one of the best people connectors you’ll ever meet.

Blake’s very passionate about the BetterCulture mission: making the world a better place to work. He strives to build better leaders, better cultures, and better businesses. If you want a technical facilitator who is dedicated to developing your leaders and your business, Blake is the perfect fit.