The Essentials for Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams

Remote and hybrid team at work

Looking to hone your skills as a leader of a hybrid or remote team? Join BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen for a primer on which leadership strategies are working best in today’s distributed team climate. You’ll hear some of the common challenges of leading a hybrid or remote team, and learn best practices on how to […]

Instilling Pride Within the Workplace

Employees that have pride at their workplace

After years conducting our BetterCulture employee engagement surveys one thing has become clear: when employee pride is low, culture suffers. When employees are proud of where they work, employee engagement soars. Given the importance of the pride factor, it is unfortunate that learning how to build pride within an employee base is seldom (okay, never) […]

Empowering Leaders at Every Level: The 20 Tenets of Culture

Leaders collaborating

More than likely, you’ve been thinking about company culture as something that needs to originate from the top – the executives – in your organization. You’re not wrong. In fact, this is what most leadership trainers and culture consultants have espoused for years. But it’s a one-sided perspective, and top-heavy. For a complete approach to […]

Culture: The Key to Excellence in Healthcare

Healthcare leaders discussing and collaborating

Get ready for an eye-opening webinar where we pull back the curtain on how one long-term care provider rose to the top as an amazing place to work. We’re diving into the nitty-gritty – the smart moves, inventive ideas, and guiding philosophies that got them there. You’ll walk away with practical tips and golden nuggets […]

Seven Principles of Leadership: What It Means to Lead

Seven leaders who embody BetterCulture's Seven Principles of Leadership

‘Leadership’ is such a hyped-up word. Yet, for all the attention it gets, inspired and effective leadership is still hard to find. Surprisingly, the cause of this problem is pretty basic – a lack of clarity of thought on what it means to be a leader. In this webinar BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen will bring […]

The 4 Keys to Chief Culture Officer Success

Chief Culture Officer: The 4 Keys to Success

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, Co-Founder of BetterCulture, has helped hundreds of companies build a better work culture. What We Cover Accelerate your efforts to improve your workplace culture by partnering with BetterCulture. As Dr. H says in the webinar, “You bring the power, we’ll bring the support, knowledge, and tools.”

The Fundamentals of Angel Investing

Stephanie Luebbe

What We Cover Over the past 15 years, the Nebraska Angels have invested $43 million in nearly 60 high-growth companies. We’re an integral part of Nebraska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we’re helping to advance economic growth within our state. The Nebraska Angels also play a role in helping our state attract, develop, and retain tech talent. […]

How Companies Use On-Demand Leadership Training

On-Demand Leadership Training in action

Part 1 Many companies struggle to provide consistent, effective, and engaging leadership training. Two years ago, our team at BetterCulture thought it was a fool’s errand to try to develop leaders using on-demand content. Then COVID-19 happened. We offered this webinar to share the lessons we’ve learned through launching our own on-demand MindSet Leadership Program […]