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A Proven Framework That Connects Culture to Business Results.

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We help leaders build a strong company culture that propels productivity, profitability, and business success.

We provide a practical plan to become a "Best Place to Work."

Even if awards and recognition aren’t your goal, building an outstanding company culture provides all kinds of benefits. The ideas and practices in the BetterCulture program can be put in place tomorrow. They are meant to be applied in the workplace and useful for everyone.

But the program isn’t just about making people feel good. It’s about motivating people to achieve business goals. So, build your culture from the top-down and bottom-up with a unique approach that engages employees at all levels, fostering a unified workplace culture that enables business success.

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We’ve seen it firsthand: strong cultures can transform individuals and companies. We’re passionate about helping clients demystify culture as a way to build dominantly successful businesses. Since 2010, we’ve helped leaders drive results through strong company culture.

“The BetterCulture Survey provides an incredible amount of information. Every minute you spend reviewing the report will be time well spent. It’s the best employee engagement survey I have seen.”

Alicia Elson

Alicia Elson

Vice President of Human Resources, QLI

“BetterCulture training elevates up-and-coming leaders and challenges even the most seasoned managers to think smarter and does it quicker than any other program I’ve seen.”

Dusty Davidson

Dusty Davidson

Co-founder, flywheel

“BetterCulture has created a process – and produced content – that was simple for us to adopt, easy for employees to incorporate into their routine, and very affordable.“

Brian Zimmer

Brian Zimmer

Chief Product Officer,
Don’t Panic Labs

Helping top companies become a Best Place to Work

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Our Story

Three And A Half Decades of Building Company Culture and Employee Engagement.

In the early 1990s, just as Gen X was hitting the workforce, BetterCulture’s co-founder, Kim Hoogeveen, PhD., was launching a startup called QLI. This organization was out to transform the service delivery model for individuals affected by brain injury.

As QLI’s CEO, Kim was relentless about building and protecting a great workplace culture. He believed that nothing was more important to QLI’s success than its ability to build an environment that would attract, build, motivate, and retain great employees.

When Kim stepped out of the CEO role in 2010, it’s fair to say that he had proven out his “Employees First” philosophy. QLI was (and remains) the largest non-hospital rehab center of its kind in the United States.

It continues to produce unmatched financial outcomes, low staff turnover, and off-the-charts customer satisfaction scores. Underlying all its success, QLI’s culture was recognized an unprecedented 5 times as the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha, Nebraska – making it one of the most remarkable workplace cultures in the United States.

The idea of putting “Employees First” remains the core belief and driving force behind our work at BetterCulture – and it is the #1 focus of most BetterCulture clients.

How can we get even better as leaders at building a great place to work for our employees?

Kim Hoogeveen, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Case Studies

We’ve Helped These Companies Build a Better Business By Putting People First.

Our Team

Driven to Help Employees Thrive and Businesses Excel.

Kim Hoogeveen

Kim Hoogeveen, Ph.D.

Co-Founder BetterCulture
Brett Hoogeveen

Brett Hoogeveen, CSP

Co-Founder BetterCulture
Blake Hoogeveen

Blake Hoogeveen

Co-Founder BetterCulture
David Orrick

David Orrick

VP of Client Success
Kevin Hensel

Kevin Hensel

Senior Consultant
Andrea Clauson

Andrea Clauson

Head of Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

BetterCulture’s approach to culture improvement is proven and powerful. Our approach was first established within an organization known as a national leader in workplace culture (a 5-time #1 best place to work) and has since been utilized by thousands of leaders to strengthen culture across hundreds of organizations with over 97% satisfaction rates. We have extensive experience providing strategy and solutions in nearly every industry and at all levels and types of organizations. By investing in BetterCulture, we’ll help you eliminate the guesswork around leadership development and employee engagement to chart a clear path to the culture and business outcomes you desire.

We believe – and our clients have proven – that building a better workplace culture leads to a better (more profitable) business. While there are also significant side benefits to investing in culture (happier employees, less conflict, fewer personnel headaches, improved workplace safety, improved community reputation, improved quality of life for leaders, etc.), we work hard to ensure our clients can see how central culture is to the long-term success of their business. People are essential to every business. And culture is the most powerful long-term force for attracting, motivating, and retaining people. Maybe a better question would be: can your company afford not to invest in its culture?

We love answering this question. Even though some people might think of terms like culture or employee engagement as soft or squishy, mountains of data show a clear correlation between improved company culture and improved business performance. Here are just a few of the tangible, bottom-line business benefits we have seen our clients achieve:

  • Improved employee retention rates
  • Improved recruitment efforts
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved safety adherence (and associated decreases in reportable incidents and workers compensation insurance rates)
  • Decreases in litigation risk and insurance costs
  • Decreases in group health insurance rates
  • Decreases in employee complaints
  • Improved employee performance and productivity rates
  • Improved leadership succession planning
  • And much more…

While no two organizations are exactly alike, BetterCulture has experience working with organizations of all sizes and across all industries. We’ve developed resources to help our clients build buy-in among key decision-makers. Through a BetterCulture Strategy Call, one of our goals is to understand who you might need to secure buy-in from and then provide you with resources to do so. Additionally, BetterCulture is available to meet with your team members and decision-makers to help you build buy-in before (and after) you engage with us.

Absolutely not! BetterCulture’s philosophy does not compete with core values but, rather, increases the odds that leaders and teams will be empowered to bring your core values to life.

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