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BetterCulture On-Demand Mindset Leadership Program

Program overview

A Flexible, Accessible Training Program for Every Leader.

One size doesn’t fit all. And no two leaders are exactly alike. These on-demand lessons teach a powerful array of proven, effective leadership insights and techniques. From first-time managers to seasoned executives, these power-packed leadership lessons get results.

BetterCulture leadership development in action

80+ Page Study Guide

Extend the content and enrich the learning experience.

Facilitated or self-directed

Have our experts run your program, or provide your own facilitators with our training guides and videos.

56 short videos
(less than 4 min EACH)

Powerful and practical lessons on pride, appreciation, conflict, coaching, and more.

Session scheduling guide

Take the guesswork out of deciding when and how to develop your team.

8 modules

An easy step-by-step journey to development and growth.

Discussion guides & presentation decks

Everything you need for an effective development program out of the box.

Modules Included

BetterCulture leadership development modules
BetterCulture leadership development modules

Equip Your Team With the Tools to Inspire and Lead.

Created and taught by the Founding CEO of a 5-time #1 Best Place to Work.
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What Makes BetterCulture Training So Impactful?

BetterCulture teaches two types of MindSets:


Insights that help participants understand how outstanding leaders think.


Techniques that show participants how exceptional leaders act.

When we put those together, leaders understand how to build a dynamic culture and propel a profitable enterprise.
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3 Ways to Use the Program.


A self-guided approach for individual or emerging leaders. Program participants gain on-demand access to all video lessons and an 80+ page
digital study guide.


Cohort-based learning guided by one of our experts or your own facilitator. A pre-built curriculum means organizations can easily launch a cost-effective internal leadership development program.


Special pricing for organizations
interested in licensing content for unlimited internal use across an entire organization. This allows you to use content throughout your organizational training.

How can BetterCulture fit your needs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

With single-user access to the On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program you can expect:

  • 56 short, powerful videos, each focusing on a specific leadership insight or technique (view a sample of the videos).
  • A 60+ page Study Guide that will enrich the learning experience with challenges and exercises designed to help participants apply the concepts they are learning. Digital PDF Study Guide included free; printed Study Guides available for purchase as well.
  • Access to the program via any device as well as access through a handy mobile app.
  • The opportunity to become a better leader. Complete this program, and your leadership skills will grow!

For organizations that are interested in organization-level “all-access” to the program (requires a 3-year contract), organizations receive all of the single-user resources and functionality plus:

  • Unrestricted and unlimited access to program content across your entire internal employee base.
  • A robust Facilitator’s Guide to equip an internal employee to facilitate lessons among groups of leaders in your organization.
  • Suggested schedules for utilizing the program as an 8-session internal leadership development program inside your organization.
  • PowerPoint slide decks to aide in internal program facilitation (if desired).
  • Additional recap videos for each module to aide participant discussion
  • Access to a BetterCulture consultant to help answer questions and provide you with best practices for program implementation.

On average, the videos are less than 4 minutes each. Each lesson is designed to be actionable and useful. We worked hard to pack as much practical and useful content as possible into our concise video lessons. Don’t worry, all the “fluff” landed on the cutting room floor.

With 56 videos in total at less than 4 minutes each, the video lessons are approximately 3.5 hours in total. However, participants will want to spend at least twice as long reflecting and applying the concepts they learn in each video as they spend watching the video lesson itself. For that reason, we suggest that consuming the video content and completing the associated exercises in the Study Guide should take roughly 10 hours in total time for participants. The least engaged participants will spend less than 10 hours, and the most engaged participants will find that they can easily spend much more than 10 hours attempting the challenges, exercises, and reflections built into the program Study Guide.

If participants are completing the program as part of a cohort group, then BetterCulture suggests participants also gather in-person periodically to discuss the concepts they are learning and applying. A typical cohort group session agenda might be 8 90-minute sessions over 8 months in addition to the time individuals spend watching the lessons and completing the exercises in the Study Guide.

The On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program teaches a powerful array of proven, effective leadership insights and techniques. These “MindSets” encompass how great leaders think and what great leaders do. The concepts in the program are not hazy bromides. They are clear, crisp, practical, and useful insights and techniques that leaders can use immediately to do things like build pride, drive employee growth, deal with conflict, show appreciation, deal with toxic or underperforming team members, make better decisions, listen better, communicate more effectively, strengthen teams, make work more enjoyable, and much more!

No. The program is designed in a way that participants can complete the entire program on their own. However, for organizations interested in developing leadership skills across the organization, running cohort “classes” of this program is highly recommended. In those instances, BetterCulture suggest that you identify a facilitator to guide your cohort classes through the program together. If you have an internal team member who would like to facilitate this program, great! We make it super easy for them by providing special facilitator resources (slide decks, a Facilitator’s Guide, etc.) at no additional charge.

Please note that BetterCulture consultants are also available to facilitate the entire program for your leaders (requires additional fee).

The On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program is taught by national leadership expert and BetterCulture Co-Founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen. Dr. H. is a licensed psychologist, 24-year CEO, and founder of three companies, including one that became the largest center of its kind in the United States and was recognized 5 times as the #1 Best Place to Work in its metropolitan area. A much sought-after international speaker, consultant, and executive coach, Dr. H.’s insights have helped thousands of leaders improve their ability to build and protect outstanding workplace cultures while propelling tremendous business success.

Dr. H. is everything you could want in an instructor for a program like this. He’s credible, engaging, entertaining. He’s also personally used every single concept he teaches in this program with dozens of successful clients as well as while he was a CEO building a company that became a 5-time #1 Best Place to Work!

Build a Customized Leadership Training Experience.

In addition to on-demand, video-based programming, BetterCulture also delivers world-class live, customized leadership training programs and workshops.

Our team of seasoned trainers and consultants have decades of experience upskilling and inspiring leadership at all levels in various industries.

Reach out and let us know if you’d like to have BetterCulture design and deliver a customized leadership development experience for your leaders.

BetterCulture leadership development in action
Kim Hoogeveen, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

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