How Companies Use On-Demand Leadership Training

Part 1

Many companies struggle to provide consistent, effective, and engaging leadership training. Two years ago, our team at BetterCulture thought it was a fool’s errand to try to develop leaders using on-demand content. Then COVID-19 happened. We offered this webinar to share the lessons we’ve learned through launching our own on-demand MindSet Leadership Program and helping companies get the maximum benefit from it. This webinar is valuable for any company that already uses or is open to using on-demand leadership content.

Part 2

In part 2 of our webinar we took the conversation up a notch. Blake Hoogeveen talked with Ted Lesiecki, an executive who is successfully championing leadership development within his company. Ted provided great insight on how he helped his company create a new leadership development program utilizing on-demand content, and described the process his company is using. Spoiler: It’s leading to rave reviews from participants who have gone through the program!