Cultural Assessment

Company Culture Is Something You Can Measure.

BetterCulture cultural assessment

10-Minute Survey

49 Questions

14 Cultural Health Factors


Monitor the Health
of Your Organization.

Company culture is a great indicator of the strength of an organization. Identifying challenges early can help you avoid major problems. This assessment will give you a full picture of your current employee satisfaction. It’s the perfect way to build a “Best Place to Work.”

Get a Clear Picture of Where Your Company Culture Stands.

The BetterCulture Survey asks 49 questions that have been carefully crafted to elicit valid and reliable responses. Using BetterCulture’s proprietary formula, responses to each question are weighted to calculate a score on 14 wide-ranging cultural health factors.

Team collaborating

Retention risk

Is your company at risk for high turnover?


Do employees believe their organization holds its people to appropriate standards?


Are employees proud to work for your organization?

Direct Supervision

How do employees view their immediate supervisor?


Do employees perceive excessive conflict within their work setting?


Do employees feel their compensation and benefits are equitable?


Do employees believe their organization fosters and embraces innovation?

Feeling APPREciated

Do employees feel their contributions and efforts are valued and recognized?


Do employees feel their opinions are sought out and valued?


Do employees enjoy their work environment?


Do employees believe there are strong and effective relationships within their teams?

Talent management

Do employees think the organization hires and promotes wisely?


How do employees view the company’s top executives?


Do employees believe they have growth opportunities within the company?

BetterCulture Cultural Assessment survey results and data

Why BetterCulture

How is This Survey Different?

You’ll ask the right questions

This 49-question BetterCulture Survey shines a light into every nook and cranny of your organization’s culture. Each question provides practical insight for an organization’s leadership team.

You’ll get clear answers

Results are both clear and comprehensive. You’ll get an innovative report highlighting important data that shows current employee attitudes. The level of detail allows leaders to dive deep into the cultural health of their company.

You’ll get the most from your investment

Many customized business surveys come complete with sticker shock. We offer transparent and cost-effective pricing for businesses of every size. Nowhere will you get more actionable information for the same investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We value your employees’ time. The BetterCulture Survey typically takes 10 minutes (or less) for employees to complete.

All survey responses go directly to BetterCulture for analysis and generation of the final client report, assuring complete confidentiality and anonymity for all respondents.

Absolutely! BetterCulture Survey results are generated for your company as a whole, as well as for each unique department or division you specify. Results are also broken down across the demographic variables of gender, age, tenure, and job classification.

The purpose of the BetterCulture Survey is to find opportunities for operational growth and improvement. Once your employees have completed the survey, BetterCulture will create reports showing your results. BetterCulture will then schedule a meeting to present and interpret those results with you or your team. Presentation of results is always done from the perspective of identifying areas of current cultural strength as well as identifying opportunities for cultural improvement. For clients who request additional support, BetterCulture can be hired to further assist with consultation services that help explore options for operational adjustments and/or additional training.

The BetterCulture Survey is crisp and focused and generates valid responses. It is psychometrically robust, having excellent reliability (test-retest Spearman correlation coefficient of 0.902) and an impressive Content Validity Index (CVI) of 0.99 for the instrument as a whole. Each of the 14 individual factors achieved a CVI score at or above 0.94. Questions that were initially proposed, but failed to meet a rigorous CVI criterion of 0.9, were removed from the instrument.
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