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10 Characteristics of Great Executive Teams

The success of a company is driven by the strength of the C-suite. The talent of each individual raises the ceiling for the company. But this is only half the story. A group of awesome individuals only creates the opportunity to achieve something impactful. An opportunity that will likely pass by if the team isn’t greater than the sum of its parts.

Align on shared
company-wide goals

The goal for an executive team is to have a singular vision for the future of the company. Get leaders on the same page and chasing the same goals.

Commit to common principles of leadership

There are Seven Principles of Leadership© that BetterCulture encourages leaders to embrace.
These Principles are proven, time-tested, and powerful

intellectual conflict

Wanting to make the best decision is different than wanting to win an argument. Focus on how the team can reach the best possible decision.

Become each other’s
biggest fans

We all have opportunities to do PR for one another. Good teammates will grab the chance to build the reputation of their colleagues.

Choose participatory decision making

The quality of decision-making goes up rapidly when we move from a single decision maker to a
team of well-informed individuals.

Have fun and
enjoy the work

Your executive team members should enjoy their time together. Laughter should be welcomed and common.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 10 Characteristics of Great Executive Teams program is designed to improve executive team relationships and performance. The program consists of ten short (but thought-provoking) videos that your executive team can play and discuss in a single meeting (e.g., at an Executive Retreat) or over a series of meetings (e.g., one video at every weekly meeting for 10 weeks). Each video will ask participants to self-rate your team against each of our 10 Characteristics. These ratings (paired with the questions and exercises provided in the program Discussion Guide) provide an effective jumping-off-point for meaningful conversations about team strengths as well as opportunities for growth. To maximize the impact of a workshop, we encourage executive teams to identify a skilled facilitator (either within the team or external to the team) who can ask questions and guide discussion after each video (typically using our provided Discussion Guide).
Executive teams are only as strong as the interpersonal relationships (or “social capital”) between each individual team member. And, while nearly every organization places a major emphasis on finding and hiring great executives, we find that much less attention goes into making sure there are strong, durable bonds between executives. For over a decade BetterCulture has served as a trusted consultant and advisor for executive teams that want to improve their relationships and performance. This program is a client-favorite exercise that our BetterCulture consultants have used for years when facilitating high-end executive retreats. This digital version of that exercise is designed to help your executive team leverage BetterCulture’s expertise to strengthen its performance at a fraction of the cost.

BetterCulture has been a trusted advisor and consultant to executive teams across a myriad of industries and with wide-ranging priorities. Our founders and consultants have years of experience as coaches and consultants to business owners, CEOs, and other executives across industries, cultures, and geographies. We have deep experience facilitating in-person executive team strategy sessions and executive retreats, which is exactly why we created this product for executive teams. We know that company culture starts at the top. When organizations identify leadership development or company culture as a strategic priority, BetterCulture is a resource they can trust.

Yes, absolutely! Many executive teams have utilized and loved the On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program. That program can be used a variety of ways to improve and align the skills of your top leaders. Contact BetterCulture for ideas on how to use the On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program with your executive team.

Executive alignment is a critical first step toward the success of any strategic initiative, and improving your workplace culture is no exception.

BetterCulture’s facilitators are, themselves, proven executives highly-skilled at driving powerful conversations that will have a lasting impact on your business.

Our facilitated executive retreats are designed to tackle topics like:

  • Where is our culture today?
  • Where do we want our culture to be in the future?
  • How can we create a strategic plan to move our entire organization from where we are today to where we want to be in the future?

Executive Retreats

Set Your Strategy with a Plan for Cultural Health.

employee appreciation meeting

If workplace culture is a strategic objective, a facilitated executive retreat is an ideal way to kickstart the process. BetterCulture executive retreats are designed to tackle the tough issues challenging company culture.

Why does culture matter?

Where is our culture today?

Where do we want it to be in the future?

What can we do to move our culture forward?

Develop Leaders
at All Levels.

Consistent leadership across an entire organization is one of the most tried-and-true ways to build a strong company culture. Give your leaders the gift of professional development and training.

BetterCulture On-Demand Mindset Leadership Program
Kim Hoogeveen, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

September 25 & 26, 2024

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