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Strong Teams Are The Bedrock of Successful Organizations.

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20 Tenets Platform

A Powerful Approach to Build Healthy, Productive Relationships in Every Team.


Build communication and chemistry within every team and department. Help managers have better conversations with employees to keep people more involved and motivated.


When you focus on building stronger teams, you build company culture from the bottom up. Drive organizational success with high-performing teams working together.


Strengthen teams by investing in every person. Provide a unique growth plan for each employee with tailored coaching to improve their lives at work and home.

BetterCulture 20 Tenets of Culture

What are the
20 Tenets?

Discover the 20 Tenets of a great company culture in this free download. Imagine yourself leading an organization of people aligned and practicing these straightforward principles.

Platform Features

How It All Comes Together.

Video-Based Assessment

Participants complete a self-assessment to score themselves on workplace attitudes and behaviors. These responses are confidential and the survey takes about 20-30 minutes.

Targeted Coaching Videos

The entire company receives coaching on all 20 Tenets on the same schedule. Individual employees receive additional coaching videos with extra emphasis on their focus areas.

Focused Development Plan

During the assessment, employees commit to improvement in two specific areas. They receive additional coaching content and periodic reminders to spur growth in their areas of focus.


Participants can log notes on each coaching video and track their performance. Employees can use these insights and reflections as prompts for performance conversations.


Employees have on-demand access to all program materials via a personal dashboard. Participants can view personal progress and current
company-wide focus.

Immediate Assessment Results

Employees receive their assessment results immediately after completing the online self-assessment. They can see how they scored and where there are opportunities for growth.


Companies can easily add, remove, and monitor the participation of enrolled employees. Track overall company culture by viewing year-over-year improvement.

Comparative Benchmarking

Leaders receive a summary of how employees rate themselves on all 20 Tenets and a comparison of the company’s overall cultural health against other organizations.


Companies can utilize built-in gamification features to incentivize participation, celebrate achievements, and reward employees who
top the company leaderboard.

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20 Tenets Establishes
A Foundation For Company-Wide Growth.

20 Tenets is the most powerful product on the market to help organizations strengthen culture in every team. Employers can lean on BetterCulture’s third-party credibility to establish 20 clear expectations for employee attitude and behavior.

Strengthen your teams

Enhance your culture

Grow your people

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BetterCulture Cultural Assessment survey results and data

Employee experience

What Is The Program Like for Employees?

20 Tenets of Culture is an easy-to-implement soft skills development system for all employees. The program starts with a quick employee self-assessment. This simple assessment generates a yearlong series of coaching content delivered directly to participating employees. They see the company is invested in their success. Employees have control of their own growth and become more successful at work and in life.

Employee completing BetterCulture cultural assessment
BetterCulture Cultural Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

20 Tenets of Culture is an easy-to-implement soft skills development system for all employees. The program starts with a quick employee self-assessment. This simple assessment generates a yearlong series of coaching content delivered directly to participating employees. Over the course of the yearlong program, employees have access to a personalized growth dashboard while organizations receive informative company-wide data and valuable culture insights.

20 Tenets participants begin their yearlong growth journey with a video-based self-assessment that takes 30 minutes or less. Participants will watch 20 short self-assessment videos (or alternatively, read the transcript), and then rate themselves on a 1-9 scale on each of the 20 Tenets that make up the program. Following completion of the self-assessment, participants will be asked to identify 2 of the 20 Tenets on which they would like to improve (“Focus Tenets”). Participants then receive their assessment report and have full access to the platform.

The 20 coaching videos are approximately 4-5 minutes each. Each coaching video provides practical and aspirational messaging designed to help participants understand the value of each Tenet and to encourage them to take actions to improve themselves – both personally and professionally.

Incredibly personable and talented, Albert Lawrence was carefully selected to host the 20 Tenets program. A graduate of Yale University and now based out of Los Angeles, Albert has a deep background in technology and media – both behind and in front of the camera. A highly respected producer and emcee for live events across the United States, Albert has worked with Apple, Disney, Warner Bros., CBS, and ABC. He’s an on-air correspondent for the Emmy Award-winning television series, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, and has hosted hundreds of hours of video streams for Amazon Live. Albert donates time to the Television Academy Foundation, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, and the United Negro College Fund, and emcees national fundraising events for organizations like AVON 39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer and Equinox’s Cycle for Survival.

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