How to (Re)Create Your Company Values

Unlock the secrets to a thriving organizational culture in our exclusive webinar, “How to (Re)Create Your Company Values.” In today’s business landscape, company values are pivotal for shaping behavior, guiding decisions, and setting your brand apart.

Webinar Highlights:

  • (Re)Create Your Company Values:  Discover essential steps to refresh your core values and align them with your company’s future.
  • Understanding Culture Code: Navigate nuances between terms like “company values” and “culture code,” gaining insights into a behavior-driven approach for defining workplace culture.
  • Behavior-Driven Values: Explore benefits of crafting culture codes with clear language, enhancing employee understanding and fostering intentional culture.
  • Examples of Effective Values: Dive into real-world examples from Zappos and HubSpot, showcasing the positive impact of behavior-oriented values.
  • Crafting Your Behavior-Driven Values: Delve into two approaches for creating or refreshing values, understanding when a leadership-only or all-inclusive process is suitable.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Receive a guide on involving employees in the value-crafting process, ensuring resonance throughout your organization.
  • Continual Refinement: Learn why your culture code should be a living document, ensuring relevance as your company evolves.