Cultivating Appreciation: Recognizing and Retaining Your Stars

Cultivating Appreciation: Recognizing and Retaining Your Stars

The 3 Types of Employees When it comes to the impact your current employees have on culture, you can separate them into three buckets.  We spend a good amount of time at BetterCulture helping our clients to address the damage done by Vacuums, but for this blog I want to focus on your Stars.  My […]

How to (Re)Create Your Company Values

Company culture embodying their values

Unlock the secrets to a thriving organizational culture in our exclusive webinar, “How to (Re)Create Your Company Values.” In today’s business landscape, company values are pivotal for shaping behavior, guiding decisions, and setting your brand apart. Webinar Highlights:

Decoding Teams: 7 Key Elements for Success

Decoding Teams: 7 Key Elements For Success

Few would disagree that outstanding teamwork can make a significant contribution to the success of any enterprise. The challenge is getting a clear vision of what we mean by “outstanding teamwork.” Andrew Carnegie defined teamwork as the ability to work together toward a common vision. He identified this as “the fuel that allows common people […]

The Ripple Effect: How Healthcare Culture Impacts Patients, Employees, and Beyond

The Ripple Effect: How Healthcare Culture Impacts Patients, Employees, and Beyond

What if the success of healthcare communities rested not just on medical expertise but on an intangible force within the organization—its culture? Last week’s eye-opening webinar, aptly titled “Culture: The Key to Excellence in Healthcare,” took us on an exploration of this very question. In this dynamic panel discussion, our experts unraveled the intricate connections […]

Unveiling Workplace Excellence: 5 Lessons from Behind the Curtain

Kim Hoogeveen, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Have you ever wondered what it takes for a long-term care provider to become the best place to work in the region? Our recent webinar, “A Look Behind the Curtain: How One Long-Term Care Provider Became a Best Place to Work,” peeled back the layers to reveal the strategic initiatives, innovative practices, and unwavering commitment […]

How to (Re)Create Company Values

How to (Re)Create Company Values

Company values drive an organization’s actions, shape employee behavior, and distinguish a brand in the marketplace. They are the cornerstone of an organization’s character and culture. In this article, we’ll explore best practices for developing a set of core values that will guide and motivate your team. What if We Already Have Core Values? If […]

Harnessing the Awesome Power of Company Culture

Did you know there is a formula for harnessing the awesome power of company culture? It’s clear, repeatable, and completely foolproof (well…almost). Creating an uplifting, rewarding employee experience is much easier once you know the 5 distinct steps for getting there. Join BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen as he walks step by step through the proven […]