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Elevate your leadership skills with this curated collection of free resources from BetterCulture. Developed in collaboration with your chamber of commerce, these tools are tailored to empower you to lead with confidence, foster a positive workplace culture, and drive business success.

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BetterCulture's 7 Principles of Leadership©️

Do you know what it means to lead? We have the answer! BetterCulture’s Seven Principles of Leadership© are a great mental model for what it means to lead. See more clearly. Lead with greater impact.

BetterCulture's Leadership Essentials©️ Program

By registering for BetterCulture’s Leadership Essentials©️ program you will gain access to a 17-video leadership development program that will give you a clear vision of leadership and improve your skills. This Leadership Essentials©️ program is built from a select portion of BetterCulture’s comprehensive 56-video On-Demand MindSet Leadership Program.

Please contact your Chamber for your FREE access coupon code and save $199!

Tips on Improving Employee Recruitment

Looking to breathe more life into your employee recruitment efforts? Look no further than this interview with BetterCulture co-founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen. 

Characteristics of a Great Supervisor

Perhaps the single most common mistake we see when it comes to leadership is promoting or selecting the wrong individuals for supervisory roles. And when you start with the wrong person, you’re less likely to get the results you want.

22 Characteristics of Amazing Supervisors

Are your employees working under great supervisors? Are you hiring or promoting the right people into leadership roles? What are the signs of a potential amazing supervisor? Find out in our download below. 

The 4 Reasons Cultures Fail - TED Talk

Kim Hoogeveen is a licensed psychologist and was the founding CEO of QLI – a nationally recognized rehabilitation center that was recognized five times as the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha.

In this talk, Dr. H explores why companies and leaders fail to live up to their ideals and how to correct their course.

The 5th Reason Cultures Fail

A decade removed from Dr. Hoogeveen’s initial TED Talk, this article spotlights a 5th – and incredibly powerful – reason why most organizations struggle to build the type of workplace culture leaders say they want. 

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A Proven Framework for Cultures That Win.

No matter the size, shape, or focus of your business, a strong culture is how you thrive. Any company in any industry can drive success with BetterCulture.

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