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Transforming Healthcare Staffing and Becoming a Best Place to Work.

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Fusion is a national healthcare staffing agency headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. As a family of brands, Fusion works with healthcare travelers for placement in healthcare settings (Fusion Medical Staffing) and with healthcare organizations to create connections with healthcare travelers (Fusion Workforce Solutions). 


Since its founding in 2009, Fusion has grown from a small founding team to an expansive organization with hundreds of employees serving thousands of travelers and organizations. Along with this growth, Fusion’s founder identified a need to be more intentional about culture and establish more consistent leadership practices at all levels of the organization. 


Fusion executives first attended the 2-day “BetterCulture Live” event and learned BetterCulture’s leadership philosophy, then utilized BetterCulture tools to train leaders organization-wide to understand and adopt this philosophy.


  • Fusion’s executive team sampled BetterCulture’s content to gauge alignment with the organization’s current culture.
  • Fusion then hired BetterCulture to provide cohort-based training opportunities for leaders across the organization.
  • Fusion also adopted BetterCulture’s 20 Tenets of Culture to help strengthen its culture from the “bottom-up.”


It’s rare for a fast-growing business to be able to maintain a remarkably healthy culture as it evolves from a start-up, to a mid-size company, to a large business. But Fusion isn’t a typical business. During our 9-year partnership with Fusion, BetterCulture has trained over 200 Fusion leaders on the skillsets needed to build and protect culture. We’ve seen their staff grow by 800%, which is a testament to how they take care of their people. Fusion continues to generously invest in their people and culture, which propels the Fusion business forward and helps them remain on the list of the Best Places to Work in Greater Omaha.

  • Maintained their culture through rapid business growth
  • 200 leaders trained on proven leadership skillsets
  • 800% increase in staff while working with BetterCulture 
  • Recognized multiple times as the #1 Best Place to Work in a competitive metropolitan area (Omaha, Nebraska)

See the curriculum Fusion used to become a Best Place to Work.

It’s an honor to get recognized multiple times as the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha, and that didn’t happen by accident. We prioritize our Fusion culture because we know a healthy culture leads to a more successful business. When it comes to building workplace culture, the team at BetterCulture is second to none. They’ve been a strategic partner to our executive team, role models for our managers, and a development resource for every employee. In short, BetterCulture is a true partner. They have been instrumental in helping us build an exceptional business.”

Corey Wattson

Corey Watton

President and CEO, Fusion