Leadership 2.0: Tips & Tricks for More Productive Teams

Leaders collaborating

Join us for an insightful webinar, “Leadership 2.0: Tips & Tricks for More Productive Teams,” where we delve into the core elements of effective leadership and team building. This webinar will provide clear insights for how to cultivate a more cohesive, motivated and, ultimately, more productive team. You will walk away with actionable techniques for […]

How to (Re)Create Your Company Values

Company culture embodying their values

Unlock the secrets to a thriving organizational culture in our exclusive webinar, “How to (Re)Create Your Company Values.” In today’s business landscape, company values are pivotal for shaping behavior, guiding decisions, and setting your brand apart. Webinar Highlights:

Harnessing the Awesome Power of Company Culture

Did you know there is a formula for harnessing the awesome power of company culture? It’s clear, repeatable, and completely foolproof (well…almost). Creating an uplifting, rewarding employee experience is much easier once you know the 5 distinct steps for getting there. Join BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen as he walks step by step through the proven […]

What is Poisoning Your Company Culture?

Contemplating company culture

Over BetterCulture’s 10+ years of company culture research and work with hundreds of clients, the #1 poison to healthy company culture is clear. It’s your negative employees. These “vacuums” as we call them, suck away all the energy and fun and leave your positive and productive employees feeling drained. As a manager or executive, it’s […]

What Every Company Should Know About Employee Engagement Surveys

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Organizations are finally starting to understand the impact and importance of company culture. But, there are still questions that remain unanswered – how should organizations measure their culture, how do they know where to improve, and, most importantly, how do they know if they are making any progress? We’ve got answers to all these questions […]

Seven Principles of Leadership: What It Means to Lead

Seven leaders who embody BetterCulture's Seven Principles of Leadership

‘Leadership’ is such a hyped-up word. Yet, for all the attention it gets, inspired and effective leadership is still hard to find. Surprisingly, the cause of this problem is pretty basic – a lack of clarity of thought on what it means to be a leader. In this webinar BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen will bring […]

The 4 Keys to Chief Culture Officer Success

Chief Culture Officer: The 4 Keys to Success

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, Co-Founder of BetterCulture, has helped hundreds of companies build a better work culture. What We Cover Accelerate your efforts to improve your workplace culture by partnering with BetterCulture. As Dr. H says in the webinar, “You bring the power, we’ll bring the support, knowledge, and tools.”

The Fundamentals of Angel Investing

Stephanie Luebbe

What We Cover Over the past 15 years, the Nebraska Angels have invested $43 million in nearly 60 high-growth companies. We’re an integral part of Nebraska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we’re helping to advance economic growth within our state. The Nebraska Angels also play a role in helping our state attract, develop, and retain tech talent. […]

How Companies Use On-Demand Leadership Training

On-Demand Leadership Training in action

Part 1 Many companies struggle to provide consistent, effective, and engaging leadership training. Two years ago, our team at BetterCulture thought it was a fool’s errand to try to develop leaders using on-demand content. Then COVID-19 happened. We offered this webinar to share the lessons we’ve learned through launching our own on-demand MindSet Leadership Program […]

Chief Culture Officer: The 4 Keys to Success

Chief Culture Officer: The 4 Keys to Success

Every now and then a new idea comes along that is just flat-out good. So good, in fact, that it’s silly to argue against it. We have one of those to share with you. If you want (we mean really want) to create and protect a top-notch culture in your work setting, you MUST identify […]