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Growing Fast By Keeping Culture First.

Flywheel team


Flywheel is a fast-growing company with a dynamic company culture. Flywheel exists to provide brands with the solutions they need to create remarkable websites and apps on WordPress that drive their business forward faster. They grew from 3 co-founders to a team of over 200 employees in just 7 years.


Flywheel had a very strong culture but was growing rapidly and was concerned that the culture would falter as it grew. Their co-founder and CEO shared concerns that “I know our culture is good, but if I don’t know why it is good, there’s no way we can train a larger group of new leaders to preserve it.”


Flywheel’s CEO first hired BetterCulture to work with his executive team to establish a common vision and language of leadership that would extend across their growing enterprise and help ensure the organization’s culture didn’t weaken with scale. Flywheel then wanted to invest in manager training to develop managers across the organization using the same leadership principles to ensure leadership alignment at all levels of the organization.


  • Flywheel first introduced BetterCulture at the executive team level. They wanted their leadership team to experience BetterCulture’s content before it was introduced to other leaders, with the goal of creating buy-in and preparing executive team members to support the training as it was expanded to every leader. 
  • Flywheel then white-labeled BetterCulture’s content for use with all of its leaders, and also created custom materials to match Flywheel’s unique brand and culture. This white-label program – which they called their “Elevate” management training program – was then utilized to train supervisors and to infuse BetterCulture’s leadership practices throughout the organization.  
  • Lastly, Flywheel ran training sessions with the “Elevate” curriculum for all of its leaders, supervisors, and key staff members. “Elevate” curriculum was also utilized as an onboarding tool for any individual who was hired or promoted into a supervisor role.


Flywheel more than quadrupled its size during its 4-year engagement with BetterCulture. Typically, such rapid growth can cause issues related to talent management and culture. However, by partnering with BetterCulture to train over 75 leaders across the organization, Flywheel was able to successfully evolve its exceptional company culture into this next phase of the business. This investment in culture not only enabled business expansion, but it positioned Flywheel for a highly successful acquisition and set the foundation for the highly successful company they are today.

  • 60+ leaders trained over a 4-year engagement
  • 400% increase in staff over course of engagement
  • Helped rapidly develop skillsets of new leaders
  • Helped solve pain points of great employees who were asking for leadership development
  • Helped position the organization for a successful acquisition

Learn how BetterCulture empowered Flywheel to maintain their exceptional culture through rapid growth.

Get a small glimpse of the BetterCulture framework that made it possible.

The MindSet Leadership Program offers invaluable insight, real-world tools, and shared vocabulary wrapped into an experience that moves the needle for leaders. BetterCulture’s training elevates up-and-coming leaders and challenges even the most seasoned managers to think smarter and does it quicker than any program I have seen."

Dusty Davidson

Dusty Davidson

Co-founder & Former CEO, Flywheel