Advancing in Healthcare: Strategies for Personal Growth and Organizational Success

Healthcare leadership discussing company culture

During this engaging session, our panel of experts will explore what healthcare workers can do to achieve even greater success in their careers, offering practical tips for individual growth and innovative approaches for organizational development. Additionally, we’ll discuss how healthcare organizations can effectively coach, mentor, and develop their workforce, sharing best practices for creating a […]

Harnessing the Awesome Power of Company Culture

Did you know there is a formula for harnessing the awesome power of company culture? It’s clear, repeatable, and completely foolproof (well…almost). Creating an uplifting, rewarding employee experience is much easier once you know the 5 distinct steps for getting there. Join BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen as he walks step by step through the proven […]

Leading While Green: What New Leaders Need to Know

Young leader

If you’re a newly appointed manager, you’re probably learning that leadership is a lot more than making decisions and telling people what to do. Leadership is a complex and ever-changing craft – and it takes time and practice to improve. The good news is that BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen is here to help new managers […]

What is Poisoning Your Company Culture?

Contemplating company culture

Over BetterCulture’s 10+ years of company culture research and work with hundreds of clients, the #1 poison to healthy company culture is clear. It’s your negative employees. These “vacuums” as we call them, suck away all the energy and fun and leave your positive and productive employees feeling drained. As a manager or executive, it’s […]

What Every Company Should Know About Employee Engagement Surveys

Leadership collaborating

Organizations are finally starting to understand the impact and importance of company culture. But, there are still questions that remain unanswered – how should organizations measure their culture, how do they know where to improve, and, most importantly, how do they know if they are making any progress? We’ve got answers to all these questions […]

The Essentials for Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams

Remote and hybrid team at work

Looking to hone your skills as a leader of a hybrid or remote team? Join BetterCulture co-founder Brett Hoogeveen for a primer on which leadership strategies are working best in today’s distributed team climate. You’ll hear some of the common challenges of leading a hybrid or remote team, and learn best practices on how to […]

Instilling Pride Within the Workplace

Employees that have pride at their workplace

After years conducting our BetterCulture employee engagement surveys one thing has become clear: when employee pride is low, culture suffers. When employees are proud of where they work, employee engagement soars. Given the importance of the pride factor, it is unfortunate that learning how to build pride within an employee base is seldom (okay, never) […]